Our Story

“That’s cool. But what is it?!”

Ever seen a statue and wanted it explained? Ever explored a church, only to have no idea what you’re looking at? Ever sought an audio guide, only to be put off by the high price, ancient device, and a voice more boring than Star Wars Episode XVIII? Us too. 

Curious Cat was created to satisfy our travel curiousities. We make engaging, quirky, and detailed audio tours to help you discover Europe’s captivating history. Our self-guided audio tours are fun, approachable, and meticulously researched, offering an immersive and flexible way to explore the past.

Our mission

From majestic castles to ancient ruins, our audio tours are your ticket to the past.  We’re committed to helping you unravel Europe’s mystries while exploring the continent’s histories.

Speaking of history, it’s our passion. Curious Cat is produced by professional history podcasters, and we’re dedicated to delivering quality self-guided audio tours that immerse you in Europe’s cultural heritage. There’s plenty of fake history floating around, and but our well-researched tours avoid it all!

With Curious Cat, you’ll discover Europe’s intriguing stories and hidden. Whether you’re a solo traveler, family, or group of friends, our tours are for you. With the ability to share across multiple devices and listen before, during, and after your visit, our tours offer the maximum flexibility and value for money. 

"Fun, engaging, and approachable, our self-guided audio tours are passionate about history, and committed to quality." - Will Clark, Host

"Meow!" - Cleo, Curious Cat